What We Do...

Essentially, we make loans

1Essentially, we make loans using your artwork as collateral while you, in most cases, maintain possession of your art collection.

Loans on Fine Art, LLC, is a loan brokerage firm orchestrating asset-based loans. Effectively, we do all the hard work for you! First, we analyze your financial circumstances. Second, we produce a custom tailored plan of action. Third, we have your artwork appraised. And, finally we offer you loan options to provide the necessary liquidity to fit your circumstances. Once we have received your paperwork, we can do all this and fund your loan within 10 to 30 days.

Here are the particulars
  • $1 million to over $100 million loan amounts
  • Bridge, acquisition, term loans, lines of credit, letters of credit, dealer-inventory financing, third party guarantees, and sale of fine art
  • US and International
  • 50% loan to value (typically)
  • Bank interest rates and higher
  • Fixed and variable rates, based upon prime rate plus, and or LIBOR plus
  • Interest only, partially or fully amortizing terms
  • 6 month to 10 year loan terms
  • Non-recourse (using just fine art, no personal guarantees or credit) and recourse
  • Typical costs: a client who owns a fine art painting valued at $10 million, taking out a $5 million loan could expect an interest rate of 2.5-3 points over the 30-day LIBOR rate, a set-up fee of 1%, legal costs for documenting the loan of $5,000 to $7,000, and an appraisal cost of $3,500.
  • Loans On Fine Art, LLC success fees (no success – no loan fee) are 1% – 3%, and, in some cases, paid by lender (no additional fees incurred)
  • Close in as little as 10 days (subject to all documentation)
  • You retain your fine art (in most cases)

Our Service Benefits

We eliminate uncertainty

2Our clients are owners, buyers and sellers of fine art such as collectors, estates, trusts, dealers, attorneys and their other agents.

Loan Goddas

They, as you should, use us as we offer quick access to money, low fees plus full transparency and discretion; moreover, there are no hidden transaction fees, and no hidden costs.

Those who best benefits from our services can add to their art collections, obtain an advance on a sale, avoid taxable events and even use the funds for other investment opportunities:

> Investors – both individual and businesses

> Purchasers and sellers

> Mergers and acquisitions

> Owners of fine art who seek liquidity for any purpose

We eliminate risk and uncertainty for you by providing loan guarantees for both art collections and individual works of art.

Get a Loan with Us

And We do all the work

3We do all the work, have lenders with flexible loan terms and structures and can close a loan in as little as 10 days.

Why get a Loan from Loans On Fine Art? Because direct lenders offer specific products and services and have little interest in works of art – they have a one size fits all approach which severely limits one looking for a loan with works of art as collateral.

We offer two distinct advantages to our clients with artwork allowing us to secure the best loan terms and conditions for them:

First, we maintain an unrivaled database of products, services and lenders in the market. With this data, we can bring you our worldwide network of hedge funds, lenders, lines of credit, letters of credit, bridge lenders, independent appraisers, third party guarantors, auction houses, dealers, and collectors.

Second, we bring extraordinary experience. Understanding your circumstances is both critical and difficult to understand.

We bring you over 35 years and $7 billion of transactions in financing experience in most every asset class, financing structure and product.

Contact us today so we can help you tomorrow.

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