Past Deals

Real Estate Deal

We at Loans on Fine Art, LLC and Managing Member Great Western Finance, Inc., act as a principal or participant either directly/indirectly through third parties to orchestrate asset purchases, income producing property loans, asset-based loans, equity and joint ventures.

Below, please click on our three links to see how we have managed to make loans and assets purchases for many millions of dollars when, in some cases, banks and VC’s were not interested. Accordingly, we can help you shape a custom financial solution for your circumstances with our vast loan engineering experience and pecuniary relationships.

Letters of Intent

These letters of intent are from past funds providers to help illustrate the terms and conditions of the financial transactions we completed in the past and can do for you now. Largely you will find that the letters of intent were in regard to asset purchases, asset based loans, joint ventures, income producing property loans or equity down payments all in connection with fine art or real-estate.
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Commitment Letters

Issued by the funds providers, here you will find a selection of commitment letters which formalized commitments to close a financial transaction.
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Settlement Statements

Here in these settlement statements you can examine the accounting of some closed financial transactions we fulfilled.
Settlement Statements →

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